100% of the distribution of flour required the villagers is done by of rural cooperation 2017/11/26   Agricultural organization of Hormozgan in order to create employment and the economic activities of the nomads were allocated 900 million Toman credit. Director-internal agricultural organization said: nomads from article 10 and 12 drought 900 million Toman to pay for facilities to the nomads in the province was assigned. According to the Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Mr. salari added: this facility for cattle and sheep breeding, the purchase of prepared fodder is paid to applicants. He said: this facility with a 4 percent dividend and10 milions toman is refunded up to 5 years. Mr. salari added: from the beginning of the year so far 40 people applying for loans to the Bank. He added: the credit of 900 million toman so far, 320 million toman for a lending fee. Mr. salari said Created employment, economic boom and the supply of meat and milk from the province and the country needed the most important purposes of the payment of this facility. He added: internal nomads annual 8 thousand 640 tons of milk and 2 thousand tons and 930 of meat were produced. He said: from 3 thousand and 500 thousand, close to 2 thousand household from Fars provinces and South of Kerman province migrate to the province and 1500 nomad were migrate within the province .                   100% of the distribution of flour required the villagers is done by of rural cooperation   With proper planning, cooperative rural province managed to distribute 100 percent of flour required the villagers. The Director of the rural cooperatives in the province said: 13 villagers work distribute flour to the city of the province. According to the Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Mr.Asad poor said: because of financial problems "rural cooperative economic plan this cooperative units on the agenda. He said: due to the shortage of manpower, the rural province of the process of implementing cooperation network policies can be done slow and this year's economic goal of the cooperative plan with 14 and complete the production chain has been formulated. Mr.Asad poor said: more than 125 thousand members of rural cooperatives in the Hormozgan Province and 133 rural cooperatives, agricultural production, and. .. Activities at the province.   He added: the expansion and strengthening of economic cooperation and development, operations, marketing, business and cooperative services in the villages of the rural cooperative organization is important, a supportive regulatory and control tasks, and take care of the main programs of the organization.   The Director of the rural cooperatives organization of Hormozgan said: there has 11 cooperative provincial cooperative and  2 rural cooperative in network Union of organization of  Hormozgan Province and there has 58 rural cooperative enterprises, 23 cooperative production, 22 agricultural cooperative, 6 women's cooperative and 2 company stocks .   Mr.Asad poor added: "rural cooperative companies with a capital of Hormozgan in addition to 50 billion and 557 million and 476 thousand rials are activities.   He said: most of the capital and a member of the rural cooperative companies related with 14 billion capital and $714 million and 110 thousand 163 members.     Mr.Asad poor said: companies producing 3 billion and capital of 766 million rials and the four thousand and the agricultural cooperative members, 347 4 billion capital and $9 million, and 8 thousand and thousands of rural cooperative enterprises, Member of the 372 women 197 million $833 thousand members and capital and the company 4 billion, with crop and stock 960 million capital and $907 members.   He added: the rural cooperatives can be the removal of intermediaries and deliver the goods needed by the people at reasonable prices to the consumer an effective role to play.   The Director of the rural cooperatives of Hormozgan said the main agricultural and rural cooperative distribution program in deprived areas for the welfare of the villagers.   Mr Asad poor said: the cooperative activities of the rural  play an important role in increasing the production of the agricultural sector of the country.

The beginning of the migration of nomads in Hormozgan 2017/11/25   Annually, 2 thousand nomads from Fars and Kerman provinces were migrated to Hormozgan. Director nomads of  Hormozgan agricultural Jihad organization  said: every year 2 thousand  nomads' households of Kerman province from Bardsir, Baft and Sirjan to hajiabad and Rudan  in provinces of Hormozgan were migration and close to 1500 households within the migration are the 3 thousand 500 families totaling nomads live in Hormozgan . According to the Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Mr. salari added: nomads have 500 thousand animal units. He said: annually 8 thousand and 640 tons milk and 2 thousand and 930 tons of meat produced by nomads. Mr. salari added: one of the most important activities of the nomads annual production of handicrafts, which is 212 meters in a variety of crafts including carpets, area rugs, carpets, and socks, and mat | saddlebag, helmet and gloves. He added: "the completion of the nomadic settlements, nomads provide the facility for water wells, electricity is the most important program of agricultural Jihad organization of  Hormozgan from this year. Mr. salari said: a complete electrical and nomadic settlements on the well water more than 5 billion Tomans requires and In the case of funding schemes are underway. He added: annual the nomads in province over 25 thousand tons of horticultural products including dates, Orange and Tangerine and 16 thousand tons of crops like wheat and barley are produced. Mr. salari added: nomadic life is an example of resistance and the economy policy and nomads can reach the goals of economic policy measure plays an important role playing.

Started the sesame harvest in Hormozgan 2017/11/25 According to the reform plan of the cropping pattern of Sesame cultivation in the province from last year was promoted. The Director of agriculture agricultural Jihad organization of Hormozgan Province, said: Sesame cultivation in the level of 1600 hectares and is forecast to be up to the end of the harvest season, about 1 thousand and 700 tons of the product to be produced. According to the Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Mr. Amiri-Zadeh added: due to limitations in the summer season this year compared to the previous year's production does not change. He said: the most important region of Sesame production in the province in Hajjiabad. Mr. Amiri-Zadeh said: the purpose of Sesame production to supply of the country's required and economically of the agricultural sector.       He said: the products produced for the production of Ardeh and oil be sent to the provinces of Yazd and Kerman, Fars. Mr. Amiri Zadeh added: planting season from July to August and harvest season from November to December will continue.

The scientific indicators of the agriculture sector is essential 2017/11/22   By take advantage of the research and research activities be scientific activity of the Agricultural indicators. The head of Hormozgan agricultural organization said: reviews of the activities undertaken during the last four years will be determined how much of the scientific activities of the agricultural sector. According to the Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Naser heydari Pori added: the scientific activities of the agricultural, economic, agricultural and resource mobilization and human resources are 3 important indicator that administrators must prepare the scientific report and provided to the agricultural Jihad organization. He added: the aim of the meeting of the Coordination Council of the agriculture sector review and the performance of agricultural Jihad organization to be determined during the last 4 years on the basis of the scientific criteria of agricultural activities. Mr heydari Pori said: have of scientific activities and research in all agricultural sectors, including agriculture, gardening, preservation of plants, livestock and poultry, fisheries, natural resources and watershed management, with the aim of promoting the agriculture sector indices the most benefited. He added: compare agricultural activities with academic topics can provide the perfect solution for economic of the agriculture sector and healthy product to be effective.

Helping to the earthquake victims of Kermanshah is the country\'s priorities 2017/11/21 With regard to the cold season the problems of the earthquake victims be double, must be relief in a timely manner reduced their problems. Responsible for the scope of the representative of velayat-e Faqih in Hormozgan agricultural organization said: People from the early days of their assistance to Kermanshah Province and it is show the collaboration and effort of the Iranian nation for the reduction of people's problems. According to the information and public relations unit Agriculture Organization news, Hojjatoleslam fakhraee added: 93% of the country is in the earthquake zones and authorities should be preventive measures to avoid the damage in the country. He said: with the onset of the cold season, the status of the people's life will be hard  and the managers of agricultural Jihad organization, and function of agriculture centers offices planning action to collect donations to victims of the earthquake zone faster. Hojjatoleslam fakhraee added: plastic tents, awnings, blankets, milk powder, water, food and heating appliances of the earthquake-stricken people of important needs.

The beginning of the harvest of tomatoes out of season in Hormozgan 2017/11/21 Hormozgan, because having suitable weather conditions susceptible in Production out of season tomatoes. The Director of agriculture agricultural Jihad organization of Hormozgan, said: this year 12 thousand hectares of agricultural land devoted to the cultivation of tomatoes that can be anticipated from this level 490 thousand tons of the product be withdrawn. According to the Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Mr. Amiri Zadeh added, due to the utilization healthy seedling and technical principles,the fight against pests and diseases produced this year compared to a year ago5% increase. He said: Hormozgan after Bushehr province ranking second in the country in the production of tomatoes and Rudan County, Minab, Bandar Abbas, Bandar khamir and parsian are the important areas in production of tomatoes in the province. Mr. Amiri Zadeh said: 6189 sunseed , Matin, PS and primor of the most important varieties are cultivated. He added: in addition to the supply of products produced in the province be sent to Tehran, Isfahan, and the provinces of Qom. He said: part of the manufactured product be sent to the Persian Gulf region, Central Asia and Iraq. Mr. Amiri Zadeh added: harvest season from October to April of the next year.

Holding the Mahdavi\'s family workshop on Finn 2017/11/21   Mahdavi's family workshop attended by the families of the agricultural management staff and service centers as well as departments holding in the Finn. The head of the ideological educationof Hormozgan agricultural organization said: outlines the dimensions of the Muslim family, and Enhancing the knowledge of the families about cultural aggressions of the West of the important objectives regarding the of this training course. According to the Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Hojjatoleslam Ali Sharafi added: "in the management of the household, should be well known to the position of individuals and their privacy are adhered to as well so everyone can play its role properly playing. In the meantime the mother of the most important pillars of the family and has the most important educational role, and should be the father and the children with respect, honour and serve his mother, playing the role of their educational assistance.   He added: "the increase of public insight and empowering people is the most important way to deal with the enemies of the conspiracy. Hojjatoleslam Ali Sharafi said: the increasing spread of corruption in society, satellites, and spread of, alcoholic Western groups tend to mode and fashion are signs of programs on behalf of the enemy. And the enemy using the intellectual and ideological methods unlike the period before which the men had attacked the heart of the community, targeted women and youth.   He said: principles and strategies for strengthening the family, how the verbal communication between couples and parents with children and communication practices as well as the importance of prayer in the family of the most topics of this period. It should be noted in this workshop 41 people were attended.

Distribution 5 Types of barley seed between Hormozgan farmers 2017/11/20 The Director of agriculture of agricultural Jihad organization of Hormozgan, said: in order to produce a product with quality, this year 5 Types of barley seed was distribution between farmers in the province of  Hormozgan.

Started harvest the eggplant by Hormozgan farmers 2017/11/20 Deputy Director of improving production of Hormozgan agricultural Jihad organization said: the forecast this year is more than 450 thousand tons of Eggplant that are harvested from farms in Hormozgan, the performance of this product per ha, 37 tons.

Tiab becomes port to an export of agricultural and horticultural products 2017/11/15 In the event of becoming Tiab as the port for export of agricultural products, a huge economic transformation of this sector will occur.