Distribution 5 Types of barley seed between Hormozgan farmers

Hormozgan, because having suitable weather conditions susceptible in Production of barley.

The Director of agriculture of agricultural Jihad organization of Hormozgan, said: in order to produce a product with quality, this year 5 Types of barley seed was distribution between farmers in the province of  Hormozgan.

According to the Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Mr. Amiri Zadeh, added: This types includes: Auxin, Nimrooz, wb90, wb90-14-4 and zehak.

He said: the introduction of new high-performance and economical figures out the agriculture sector of the most important goals of the distribution of these acorns.

Mr. Amiri Zadeh said: last year the level of1thousand  and 130  hectares of cultivated barley  and this year the level to 1 thousand and 300 hectares will increase this year and predicted to be 4 500 thousand tons of barley production.

He added: due to the advantage of the seeds of authentic, increase levels and proper nutrition will be this year's production forecasts compared to the 20 percent increase the year before.

Mr. Amiri-Zadeh said: the past year 3 thousand and 390 tons of barley was produced in the province.

He added: the most important production areas are in Hajiabad County in the province.