The beginning of the harvest of tomatoes out of season in Hormozgan

Hormozgan, because having suitable weather conditions susceptible in Production out of season tomatoes.

The Director of agriculture agricultural Jihad organization of Hormozgan, said: this year 12 thousand hectares of agricultural land devoted to the cultivation of tomatoes that can be anticipated from this level 490 thousand tons of the product be withdrawn.

According to the Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Mr. Amiri Zadeh added, due to the utilization healthy seedling and technical principles,the fight against pests and diseases produced this year compared to a year ago5% increase.

He said: Hormozgan after Bushehr province ranking second in the country in the production of tomatoes and Rudan County, Minab, Bandar Abbas, Bandar khamir and parsian are the important areas in production of tomatoes in the province.

Mr. Amiri Zadeh said: 6189 sunseed , Matin, PS and primor of the most important varieties are cultivated.

He added: in addition to the supply of products produced in the province be sent to Tehran, Isfahan, and the provinces of Qom.

He said: part of the manufactured product be sent to the Persian Gulf region, Central Asia and Iraq.

Mr. Amiri Zadeh added: harvest season from October to April of the next year.