Helping to the earthquake victims of Kermanshah is the country\'s priorities

With regard to the cold season the problems of the earthquake victims be double, must be relief in a timely manner reduced their problems.

Responsible for the scope of the representative of velayat-e Faqih in Hormozgan agricultural organization said: People from the early days of their assistance to Kermanshah Province and it is show the collaboration and effort of the Iranian nation for the reduction of people's problems.

According to the information and public relations unit Agriculture Organization news, Hojjatoleslam fakhraee added: 93% of the country is in the earthquake zones and authorities should be preventive measures to avoid the damage in the country.

He said: with the onset of the cold season, the status of the people's life will be hard  and the managers of agricultural Jihad organization, and function of agriculture centers offices planning action to collect donations to victims of the earthquake zone faster.

Hojjatoleslam fakhraee added: plastic tents, awnings, blankets, milk powder, water, food and heating appliances of the earthquake-stricken people of important needs.