The scientific indicators of the agriculture sector is essential


By take advantage of the research and research activities be scientific activity of the Agricultural indicators.

The head of Hormozgan agricultural organization said: reviews of the activities undertaken during the last four years will be determined how much of the scientific activities of the agricultural sector.

According to the Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Naser heydari Pori added: the scientific activities of the agricultural, economic, agricultural and resource mobilization and human resources are 3 important indicator that administrators must prepare the scientific report and provided to the agricultural Jihad organization.

He added: the aim of the meeting of the Coordination Council of the agriculture sector review and the performance of agricultural Jihad organization to be determined during the last 4 years on the basis of the scientific criteria of agricultural activities.

Mr heydari Pori said: have of scientific activities and research in all agricultural sectors, including agriculture, gardening, preservation of plants, livestock and poultry, fisheries, natural resources and watershed management, with the aim of promoting the agriculture sector indices the most benefited.

He added: compare agricultural activities with academic topics can provide the perfect solution for economic of the agriculture sector and healthy product to be effective.