Started the sesame harvest in Hormozgan

According to the reform plan of the cropping pattern of Sesame cultivation in the province from last year was promoted.

The Director of agriculture agricultural Jihad organization of Hormozgan Province, said: Sesame cultivation in the level of 1600 hectares and is forecast to be up to the end of the harvest season, about 1 thousand and 700 tons of the product to be produced.

According to the Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Mr. Amiri-Zadeh added: due to limitations in the summer season this year compared to the previous year's production does not change.

He said: the most important region of Sesame production in the province in Hajjiabad.

Mr. Amiri-Zadeh said: the purpose of Sesame production to supply of the country's required and economically of the agricultural sector.



He said: the products produced for the production of Ardeh and oil be sent to the provinces of Yazd and Kerman, Fars.

Mr. Amiri Zadeh added: planting season from July to August and harvest season from November to December will continue.