The beginning of the migration of nomads in Hormozgan


Annually, 2 thousand nomads from Fars and Kerman provinces were migrated to Hormozgan.

Director nomads of  Hormozgan agricultural Jihad organization  said: every year 2 thousand  nomads' households of Kerman province from Bardsir, Baft and Sirjan to hajiabad and Rudan  in provinces of Hormozgan were migration and close to 1500 households within the migration are the 3 thousand 500 families totaling nomads live in Hormozgan .

According to the Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Mr. salari added: nomads have 500 thousand animal units.

He said: annually 8 thousand and 640 tons milk and 2 thousand and 930 tons of meat produced by nomads.

Mr. salari added: one of the most important activities of the nomads annual production of handicrafts, which is 212 meters in a variety of crafts including carpets, area rugs, carpets, and socks, and mat | saddlebag, helmet and gloves.

He added: "the completion of the nomadic settlements, nomads provide the facility for water wells, electricity is the most important program of agricultural Jihad organization of  Hormozgan from this year.

Mr. salari said: a complete electrical and nomadic settlements on the well water more than 5 billion Tomans requires and In the case of funding schemes are underway.

He added: annual the nomads in province over 25 thousand tons of horticultural products including dates, Orange and Tangerine and 16 thousand tons of crops like wheat and barley are produced.

Mr. salari added: nomadic life is an example of resistance and the economy policy and nomads can reach the goals of economic policy measure plays an important role playing.