100% of the distribution of flour required the villagers is done by of rural cooperation


Agricultural organization of Hormozgan in order to create employment and the economic activities of the nomads were allocated 900 million Toman credit.

Director-internal agricultural organization said: nomads from article 10 and 12 drought 900 million Toman to pay for facilities to the nomads in the province was assigned.

According to the Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Mr. salari added: this facility for cattle and sheep breeding, the purchase of prepared fodder is paid to applicants.

He said: this facility with a 4 percent dividend and10 milions toman is refunded up to 5 years.

Mr. salari added: from the beginning of the year so far 40 people applying for loans to the Bank.

He added: the credit of 900 million toman so far, 320 million toman for a lending fee.

Mr. salari said Created employment, economic boom and the supply of meat and milk from the province and the country needed the most important purposes of the payment of this facility.

He added: internal nomads annual 8 thousand 640 tons of milk and 2 thousand tons and 930 of meat were produced.

He said: from 3 thousand and 500 thousand, close to 2 thousand household from Fars provinces and South of Kerman province migrate to the province and 1500 nomad were migrate within the province .










100% of the distribution of flour required the villagers is done by of rural cooperation


With proper planning, cooperative rural province managed to distribute 100 percent of flour required the villagers.

The Director of the rural cooperatives in the province said: 13 villagers work distribute flour to the city of the province.

According to the Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Mr.Asad poor said: because of financial problems "rural cooperative economic plan this cooperative units on the agenda.

He said: due to the shortage of manpower, the rural province of the process of implementing cooperation network policies can be done slow and this year's economic goal of the cooperative plan with 14 and complete the production chain has been formulated.

Mr.Asad poor said: more than 125 thousand members of rural cooperatives in the Hormozgan Province and 133 rural cooperatives, agricultural production, and. .. Activities at the province.


He added: the expansion and strengthening of economic cooperation and development, operations, marketing, business and cooperative services in the villages of the rural cooperative organization is important, a supportive regulatory and control tasks, and take care of the main programs of the organization.


The Director of the rural cooperatives organization of Hormozgan said: there has 11 cooperative provincial cooperative and  2 rural cooperative in network Union of organization of  Hormozgan Province and there has 58 rural cooperative enterprises, 23 cooperative production, 22 agricultural cooperative, 6 women's cooperative and 2 company stocks .


Mr.Asad poor added: "rural cooperative companies with a capital of Hormozgan in addition to 50 billion and 557 million and 476 thousand rials are activities.


He said: most of the capital and a member of the rural cooperative companies related with 14 billion capital and $714 million and 110 thousand 163 members.



Mr.Asad poor said: companies producing 3 billion and capital of 766 million rials and the four thousand and the agricultural cooperative members, 347 4 billion capital and $9 million, and 8 thousand and thousands of rural cooperative enterprises, Member of the 372 women 197 million $833 thousand members and capital and the company 4 billion, with crop and stock 960 million capital and $907 members.


He added: the rural cooperatives can be the removal of intermediaries and deliver the goods needed by the people at reasonable prices to the consumer an effective role to play.


The Director of the rural cooperatives of Hormozgan said the main agricultural and rural cooperative distribution program in deprived areas for the welfare of the villagers.


Mr Asad poor said: the cooperative activities of the rural  play an important role in increasing the production of the agricultural sector of the country.