Holding book exhibition in Agricultural Jihad organization of Hormozgan 2017/11/15 Book exhibition on the occasion of the week of the book was holding in agricultural Jihad organization.

The first monitoring Committee on wheat fields was held in the province 2017/11/15 The Committee is responsible for monitoring and check the problems and offered scientific solutions in the fields of the wheat production.

Hormozgan is able to export more than 30 thousand tons of the Garden products 2017/11/14 Hormozgan in the production of quality garden products are superior in the country.  

Holding period of training before employment in agricultural Jihad organization of Hormozgan 2017/11/14 Agricultural Jihad organization in order to hire 150 people accepting specialist   force .

Cantaloupe of Bandar khamir was enter to the market 2017/11/14 Bandar khamir due to having the fertile land and suitable weather conditions are able to product the cantaloupe.

The cultivation of grains on the Brigade in the bar can be developed in Hormozgan 2017/11/14 This year's with plans a major part of the cultivation of grains to be equipped with pressure irrigation system.

Naser heydari Pori being an Advisor of agriculture Minister 2017/11/13 During the ruling of the Minister of agricultural Jihad, Naser heydari Pori as Secretary and Manager of the country's watershed management. According to the Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Mahmoud hojjati in addition to the appreciation of the afflictions of Naser heydari Pori in line with the objectives of the policy researcher Ministry of agriculture in the province have asked them continue to pay special attention to the resistance and economy designs Reserve the resources base of the holistic approach in the fields of aquifer areas and objectives of in the sixth program development and coordination and the use of all capacities available in the academic and Executive ability and In the ministries and the private sector to adopt the necessary measures.

85% of graduates of agriculture sector are employed 2017/11/13   With reviews conducted during 10 years of activity of the agricultural research and training center, 85 percent of the graduates of the agricultural sector are employed. Deputy Director of the Institute of agricultural education and training center of Hormozgan said: in the annual report of the Ministry of Agriculture's farmers learning that 61 per cent of the training courses for agricultural research and training center of the province in line with the objectives of economic policy and internal resistance and Hormozgan  in the country was ranked 7. According to public relations news and information unit agricultural organization of  Hormozgan, Mr Nazari added: the Centre is in  4 section :staff  of agricultural Jihad organization training, training of farmers, Scientific and applied and work and knowledge training. He said: during the last 6 months in the Department of education of the farmers so far 2 thousand and 350 people in the fields of fishery, gardening, agriculture and industries convert were trained and also promote cooperation with the management of agricultural Jihad organization of 1360 people with agricultural products, packaging, marketing and entrepreneurship For the members of the rural women's association was offering. Mr. Nazari said: in the field of applied science 255 students in undergraduate associate and Bachelor's degree in medical, veterinary, plant and fisheries in this Center are studying. He continued, as well as 180 people work and student supervision in the training center are studying that 40 people these students in the educational center of hajiabad and the rest in the agricultural school are studying. Mr. Nazari said: recently in order to promote the cultivation of medicinal plants, a training course was held with the presence of farmers in the province.

Pilot cultivation for Guinoa in Hormozgan 2017/11/13 Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, in line with the economic agricultural sector introduced the cultivation of new plants to the farmers.   Director of agricultural affairs of Hormozgan Agriculture Organization said: this year is the Pilot cultivation for Guinoa interspersed in the level 2 hectares in the province. According to the Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Mr. Amiri-Zadeh said: the cultivation of Guinoa interspersed in hajiabad County and minab with the goal of introducing new species economic and crop introduced to the farmers. He said: resistance to dehydration, being resistant to the onslaught of drought and salinity of water and being rich in protein from the most important benefits of the Guinoa. He added: the price per ton of Guinoa was 3 dollars in the world. Mr. Amiri Zadeh added: the most important use for the supply of baby food.

The production of over 8 thousand tons of piarom dates in Hormozgan 2017/11/12 piarom dates because to be kept in a long time  is known as the food crisis and  in the domestic and foreign markets have a lot of fans . Garden Affairs Manager of Hormozgan Agriculture Organization said: 200 thousand piarom palms to be produced in 2 acres of Hajiabad County. According to public relations news and information unit of  internal agricultural organization, Mr. Gorgij added: this year more than 8 thousand tons piarom dates produced in the province because of the technical principles, health garden, proper nutrition, the fight against pests and diseases, 7 Percent increase compared with the last year. He said: piarom dates was famous as chocolate dates and this year each kg fifteen to eighteen thousand Tomans were purchased from farmers. Mr. Gorgij said: in Hormozgan, 55 types of dates that 20 of its commercial and three types : piarom, khasoei and mozafati be sent to the countries of Australia, Canada, Russia and Central Asian countries. He said: Hajiabad County due to the hot and dry season only area in the country for piarom cultivation, and for this reason last year piarom dates as the most desirable of the export country and the dates in the list of natural monuments of Iran. Mr Gorgij added: the most piarom cultivation areas are in the Madanoeieh ,sarchahan,shahdadi , tezerj, deragah, TAROM and other hajiabad County around. Garden Affairs Manager of Hormozgan Agriculture Organization continued: with the annual harvest 150 tons of types of dates and from 37 thousand hectares has fourth rank of produced and the third level in the country for dates cultivation and in the province of 22 thousand hectares of the cultivated surface worn groves of the province and one of the most important agricultural Jihad organization programs in line with the economic revival of the province of the young and worn groves making this garden is that it requires the allocation of the necessary funds. He said: with restructuring plan in the province the production of dates will be equal to 2. Mr Gorgij added: "one of the problems to export of agricultural products, including the dates the absence of packing and processing. He said: the infrastructure industries dates should be aimed at establishing a production and increase the value-added chain in the province. Affairs Manager of Hormozgan Agriculture Organization Province said: in Hormozgan harvest season started with Almehtari dates in June and end with harvesting the piarom dates  and piarom dates withdrawals starting in The second half of the of  October until late November.  Mr Gorgij added: the material of the piarom dates are mellitus, protein, calcium, potassium, phosphate, magnesium, iron, vitamin B1, b-2 and the minerals.