Medicinal plants training workshops on Hormozgan 2017/11/11 The development of the cultivation of Medicinal plants approach with the economic agricultural sector of priorities programs of the agricultural Jihad organization of Hormozgan.

The discovery of 34 tons of agricultural products smuggling in Hormozgan 2017/11/11 In the month of October this year is more than 34 tonnes of contraband products including fruits and livestock, was discovered in the province.

Supporting of agricultural sector by Governor of Hormozgan 2017/11/08 The Governor of Hormozgan supports of the agricultural sector plan that is in line with the economic resistance policy.

Arbaein as doctrinal and Cultural Institute 2017/11/08 The rite of spiritual space for youth around the world en particular has created circumstances that can be called a doctrinal and Cultural Institute.

The ability to export over 1 thousand tons Crops from the agricultural sector of Hormozgan province 2017/11/07 Hormozgan in the production of off-season crops in the country has top ranking.

More than 500 hectares of agricultural land to Jask are equipped with modern irrigation system 2017/11/07 Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, in line with the development of the province's water resources optimal use of modern irrigation is put on the agenda.

The staff of the Executive devices of Abu Musa island were familiar with prayer and verdicts 2017/11/06 A training familiar with prayer and verdicts courses for staff and families of the Abu Musa island Executive devices including the Governor, welfare, fisheries, education, registration and cultivated the airport  was held.

The forecast production of 40 tons of henna in the province 2017/11/06 Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, in line with the economic of the agricultural sector development of medicinal herbs in their priorities of their program.

Start supplying cucumber of Hormozgan in the country\' market 2017/11/04 With the beginning of harvesting season of cucumbers in Hormozgan, this product are in most of country' market. The Director of agriculture agricultural Jihad organization of Hormozgan, said: the level of product cultivated cucumber are 4 thousand and 500 hectares and  is forecast to be this level more than 135 thousand tons of the product be withdrawn. According to the information and public relations and news of Hormozgan agriculture organization, Seyed Reza Amiri-Zadeh added, due to the utilization of authority seed,pesticides, combat disease and farm management this year compared to the previous year production 5 percent increase. He said: for export of greenhouse cucumbers are used and other products produced are supply in the province and the country markets. He said the internal production of cucumber be sent to the provinces of Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz and Khorassan. Mr. Amiri-Zadeh said: PS, Apollo and the super star of the most cultivated varieties. He said: Hormozgan has the second rank in the production of cucumber in the country. Mr. Amiri Zadeh said cultivation season from September and the harvest season from November to April will Continues.

Start harvesting cucumbers in Minab County 2017/11/04 Minab County ranked first in cucumber production. Agriculture Director of Minab County, said: the level of cucumber cultivated in this area 2 800 thousand hectares and is forecast to be this level of 70 thousand tons of the product be withdrawn. According to the information and public relations and news of Hormozgan agriculture organization Muhammad salari added: "the production of this year compared to the previous year due to the implementation of the reform of cropping pattern has no changes. He said: Tokahor,Hashbandi, ravang, Zartoji and Taleng are the important important villages in  production of cucumber in Minab County. Mr. salari said the products produced are supply in the market of the province. He added: the harvest season in this region of the November start and ends in late February.