Agriculture Minister of agricultural Jihad organization praised the head of Hormozgan 2016/12/19 Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, with appropriate programs in 94-95increased agricultural production is appropriate Minister of agricultural Jihad said of Hormozgan Province in order to fulfill the objectives of the action and resistance, the slogan of the economy in action 94-95 accepted the role.

to flower-ing the jujube in hormozgan 2016/12/19  slewing the jujube of such products that has been developed in the province Gardening-internal Agricultural Organization Director said: the cultivation of the jujube in the province of 800 hectares and is forecast to be this level almost 5 thousand tons of the product be withdrawn.

The forecast production of over 264 thousand tons of onions in Hormozgan 2016/12/19 The Director of agriculture agricultural Jihad organization of Hormozgan Province since the beginning of the onion harvest and said: Onion cultivation in the province level 9 thousand and 350 hectares and is forecast to be this level more than 264 thousand 800 tons of the product be withdrawn.

Visit of the Minister of Agriculture of jihad aquaculture schemes in Hormozgan 2016/12/18 The coastal province of Hormozgan as a country of interest to politicians for the development of aquaculture projects such as fish farming in cages. Minister of agricultural Jihad said: with the formulation of the country's fish production capacity should increase to 3.

Agricultural pesticides stores are organizing 2016/12/18 In order to produce a healthy students program in the country to organize agricultural pesticides should be Executive Editor.   Minister of agricultural Jihad said: if not organizing the agricultural pesticides in the future a lot of losses to agriculture and health. According to the information and public relations unit agriculture news-internal organization, Mahmoud hojjati on thirty-seventh annual seminar on preserving the country's plant in Bandar Abbas, adding: we must move towards that no poison without prescription in the

The biggest greenhouse site to the South of the country came to exploit 2016/12/18 The biggest greenhouse site to the South of the country with a total area of 117000 square meters, reached in to exploit the Rudan County Agriculture Minister said in line with the policy objectives of the agricultural economy of the resistive designs in deprived areas with the objective of the Elimination of exclusion and economic boom. According to the unit of public relations and news information-internal agricultural organization, Mahmoud hojjati on the operation of the site the greenhouse Rudan County added: this credit with greenhouses totaling 175thousand million rials per hectare with a production capacity of 150ton came to exploit.

70 percent of agricultural goods entered the country of the world can be internal ports 2016/12/14 Hormozgan as most agricultural goods port of entry to the country should be in terms of plant quarantine consideration than before. The head of the organization maintaining the country's crops in the world, said there are 220 plant quarantine agent in the event that their entry into the country a significant damage to the agricultural sector.

The dimensions must be described to people unity week 2016/12/14 Unity should be promoted in all community issues including the unity between the shia and the sunnah, and unity between the unity of the neighboring peer and colleague. Religious expert said: when it is said that the unity of the mind towards the unity of all weeks shia and sunnah find the term, and this is that while society today needs unity in all social arenas.

Preserving plants keep ranking is 35 in terms of the country\\\'s crops 2016/12/14 The average of pests and diseases damages in agriculture around the world to 40 percent, which is 35 percent in the country,. Supreme Advisor Agriculture minister said the creation of a new structure in the organization maintain the necessities of the country's crops .Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, The engineer shariat madar in the Thirty-seventh annual Conference of the country's crops in Bandar Abbas adding,: the scientific, organizational and mental structure of the most important is that you must enable.

Insurance brokerage villagers and nomads to agricultural Jihad organization was entrusted. 2016/12/12 Villagers and nomads can insurance brokerage through agricultural Jihad organization of the benefits Retirement Director of internal harmony and promote agricultural Jihad organization of insurance brokerage rating getting villagers and nomads and said: with the goal of insuring the Fund members of the micro credits according to the work of rural women to agricultural Jihad organization of insurance Nomads and villagers were entrusted.