Watermelon Yalda night entered the country markets 2016/12/12 One of the main provinces of Hormozgan that plays an important role in the supply of watermelons Yalda night in the country. Improve plant production assistant-internal agricultural organization said Watermelon in autumn cultivation in the province of 8 thousand and 430 hectares and is forecast to be this level more than 500 thousand tons of the product harvested 271.

Hormozgan province is a leader in the production of off-season 2016/12/06 Stating that the agricultural organizations to export products and the quality of the production of the most important goals of the organization this year stated: Products developed to provide the Asia, Russia, Afghanistan,  Ukraine and Iraq exported

Hormozgan resistant to the pest of citrus trees psylla 2016/12/06 Hormozgan 15 thousand hectares of orchards against pests of citrus psylla were retrofit. Deputy improve production plant Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan said, according to the flight loss or contamination citrus trees, 15 hectares of gardens each year of the pest in citrus psylla are retrofitting. The news Intelligence Unit Public Relations Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Seyyed Hassan Hosseini said Sam distribute, track and confirm the operation of the most important steps taken when spraying pesticides to control citrus psylla.

The directors of agriculture administrative violations were not familiar with the laws of the province 2016/12/04 A staff member to handle the administrative infringements in the case of the Ministry of agriculture said the lack of legitimacy of the administrative staff, the possibility of a crime such as bribery, embezzlement and other corruption in the ES device there.