Accepted people o f the care network test to complete the process of organizing refer to the provincial Agricultural Organization 2017/10/30 Agriculture Organization each year for technical supervision on the process of planting and harvesting through the test, people are hired for the care network. Director of Maintain plant of Hormozgan agricultural organization said: this year through the test 37 participants for technical supervision were accepted. He said: people have been accepted in order to hold training courses on Tuesday, November 9th at the Auditorium (piarom) Township of Bandar Abbas attended. Mr.Dollati, added: In the absence of a test meant to cancel of the test and another people will be replaced. According to the Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan Mr.Dollati, adde: The list of names of those accepted in the crop year 96-97 observer-experts is as follows.

Any risk in agricultural sector makes the country in food security problem 2017/10/30   Given that the agricultural sector of the country's major food supplies so any kind of threat in this area of the country's food security will be in trouble for the same reason non-agent defense plays an important role in the production of healthy product. Bastak County agriculture Director, said: the production of healthy food products with the aim of securing the country, the most important agricultural Jihad organization of internal applications. According to the Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization ofHormozgan, Mr.khorshidi said:" exhibition to introduce of healthy products for agriculture in non-defense operating week has been launched. He continued in this exhibit a variety of dates and Sesame products,  dairy products, vegetables and animal products, and  soil and water at the sight of visitors. Mr. khorshidi said: the product can reduce the vulnerability of the agricultural sector, the promotion of sustainability in this area and eventually lead to the country's food security. He added: healthy products fair to be held in this city for the last 7 days.

Start cultivation of Aloe Vera in the Fin 2017/10/29 For the first time farmers cultivated the medicinal plant Aloe Vera in Fin. Agriculture Director of  Fin said: for the first time from the level of 2 hectares of agricultural lands of  Fin, with the aim of being economical in the agriculture sector, will be cultivated the Aloe Vera and predicted from this level15 tons of the product was harvested.     According to the Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Mr. Soroudi said: operation in the villages of Kahteg and dmpeng and the Maroon plain, are started and will continue until the end of the November. He said: the Aloe Vera plant in addition to the need to low water for the farmers in terms of economic profitability is good. He said: in the planting season for 40 people created jobs. Mr. Soroudi said: organic drink and production, cosmetics, among the most important benefits of the Aloe plant. He added: "one year after the cultivation the leaves of this plant can be harvested.

Public relations is a mirror for overview of an organization 2017/10/28 Public relations is a management function that evaluates public attitudes and desire, and policies, and coordinate an organization in the public interest and understand and accept has Executive planning. Public relations manager of Hormozgan  agricultural organization said:, should review the strengths and weaknesses of public relations and resolve their problems, this section in order to achieve the objectives of the policy of transferring that same excellent organizations to the community would be helped. Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Mr. Bongah added: " Hope the Governor's public relations with reflection of the problems run  edevices of higher officials of the province, the activities of the The unit specialized in Executive devices than before. He said the role of the media in the event reflected the Executive devices is important and one of the agricultural Jihad organization of interaction with media such as radio and television, news agencies and press the province and country. At a meeting recently, "Mr. Board that is responsible for the more interaction we have the subject of Mehr News Agency this agency with the Agriculture Organization about the discussion, and in order to upgrade and the process, the meetings over the years with other news agencies also will perform. Public relations manager, said the new Governor of Kerman Governor's positive attitude to public relations and public relations Executive of the devices necessary tosupport the action. Mr. Ezzati added: you should contact the appropriate planning indicators for public relations activities are to be formulated based on them, this is the important part, measurable. He added: it is recommended that the public relations of agricultural Jihad organization regarding public relations, festivals of the province; plans, suggestions regarding the planning and implementation of the Festival offer.

Training for farmers plays an important role in the production of the Healthy product 2017/10/28 Agricultural Jihad organization in order to enhance the knowledge training of  farmers are their priorities program. Agriculture Director of Jask County said: during the past 6 months 12 training and promoting courses with 300 farmers were attended in this area. Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, mr. Hadidi added: upgrade technical knowledge of farmers, producing a healthy product, management of water resources and soil and increase the performance of the most important goals of the training courses. He said: in this training; topics such as, agriculture, soil and water, horticulture, land, livestock and poultry are discussed and information exchange. Mr. Hadidi added: "with regard to the importance of educational topics at the time of planting and harvesting can be forecast up to 30 by the end of the training course will be held.

The beginning of watermelons harvest by Bandarlengeh farmers 2017/10/24 Watermelon harvest in the autumn season began in Bandarlengeh. Bandar Lengeh County agricultural Administrator said:  watermelon harvested from 60 acres of farmland of this area and anticipated to the end of harvest moon 800 tons of watermelon to be harvest. Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, mr.purali added: due to the implementation of the reform of cropping pattern and technical principles, production this year compared to the previous year's 3 percent increase. He said: in addition to the supply of products produced in the markets of province will also be sent to Fars province. Mr. purali said: the cultivation of watermelon are in the villages of the central section, section lamazan and the village of pedl. He added: the season picked up the second half of November will continue.

Start cultivation of Aloe Vera by Jask farmers 2017/10/24   For the first time farmers in Jask Are cultivated Aloe Vera.  Jask County agricultural Manager said: this year the 1 acres of farmland of this area dedicated to cultivation of Aloe Vera and forecasts of the production level of 500 tons of the product. According to the information and public relations unit agriculture news-internal organization, Mr. Hadidi said: employment creation and increase the income of farmers, of the most important goals of the development of the cultivation of Aloe Vera in the area. He said: in addition to the supply of products produced in the markets of the provinces will be sent to Tehran and Fars province. Mr .Hadidi added: the cultivation season from September to November and the harvest season from March till the end of April.

2 thousand hectares of agricultural land devoted to the cultivation of canola in Hormozgan 2017/10/21 This year, it is the obligation of Jihad agricultural organization devoted to more than 2 thousand hectares of agricultural land for the cultivation of canola.

Hormozgan has mechanized silo for storage the wheat 2017/10/21 Annually about 60 thousands ton wheat production in the province, with private sector investment plan for construction of silos of wheat in the province.

The white cane can guarantee of the blind persons \' health 2017/10/16   October 15 or 23 Mehr as the international day of the white cane named.  (In leap years October 15 coincide with 24 Mehr) Public relations manager of jihad agricultural organization of Hormozgan said: the white cane day is a good opportunity to more attention the social rights of the blind persons. According to the information and public relations news unit of agriculture  organization of Hormozgan, mr.Bongah added: Mr. Mehdi Motavali is blind employee but powerful of agricultural organization in the province. He said: the purpose of the white cane law is blind persons also a member of civilized society and have social rights and should pay more attention to his civilized society rather than pity and Mr. Motavali in agricultural Jihad organization in addition to the cultural activities in the field of telecommunication work and has beautiful sound to say Azan and the Koran and pray are as maintain reading. Mr. Bongah added: if the blind persons in appearance do not see but intelligent and the sense of touch are high that these features make them closer to God.