Started the harvest season for sweet lemon in Hormozgan 2017/10/09   Hormozgan, because having the right weather conditions able to produce garden products including sweet lemon. The Director of the horticulture  of agricultural Jihad organization said: the level of cultivation for sweet lemon 5 thousand and 500 hectares in the province and is forecast to be this level more than 38 thousand tons of the product be withdrawn. Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, mr.Gorgij, said: 14% of the province gardens is dedicated to sweet lemon because the management of nutrition, health and technical principles of production this year, 5 percent increase compared to the year before. He said: Rudan County with 24 thousand tons annual production ranking first and Minab second place in the production of sweet lemon. Mr.Gorgij said: in addition to the internal requirements of the province can sent of Fars, Kerman and Tehran. He added: the harvest season from late September start and to the end of October are Continues.

Hormozgan have first rank of out of season production in the country 2017/10/09   80 thousands of agricultural land is dedicated to the cultivation of crops from which this amount this year 55 thousand hectares to cultivate products are out of season production. Improve plant production assistant of agricultural organization said: the level of crops out of season in Hormozgan, 80 thousand hectares that lauded the level of 55 thousand hectares to cultivate vegetables and grains and the rest are wheat and canola. According to the Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Mr. Hosseini added: prediction of the level of 55 thousand acres of herbs and grains about 1 million 750 thousand tons of product manufacture and enter to the target markets. He added: due to the implementation of the plan and appropriate cropping pattern, observe the time, production this year compared to 10 percent the year before. Mr. Hosseini said: watermelon, eggplant, potato, tomato, pepper and onion among the most important products of the province are out of season. He said: Hormozgan have ranking first in the country for production of tomato and onion out of the season. Mr. Hosseini said the level of cultivation of onions this year 9 308 HA and pepper 3 thousand and 800 hectares, and tomato 12 thousand and 825 hectares are planned. He said: production in addition to the internal requirements be sent to Central Asian countries, Russia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Allocation of 9 thousand hectares of agricultural land to cultivate onions in Hormozgan 2017/10/08 Hormozgan have first rank of production of onions out of season in the country.   The Director of agriculture Jihad organization of Hormozgan, said: this has been done with the planning of 9 thousand hectares of agricultural lands devoted to the cultivation of onions in the province. According toInformation and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Mr. Amirizadeh added: this year's forecast to be 265 tons produced product and enter the target markets.   He said: in recent years with the implementation of the reform of cropping pattern the province in the production of onions out of season, is ranked first and promote economic strains and with low water requirement this year, we have witnessed growing onions reduce the level and therefore the production of this year compared to the previous year will be reduced 5 percent. Mr. Amiri-Zadeh said: Bandar Abbas and Minab, Rudan are important areas in the production of onions. He said: in addition to the supply of products produced in the province and the country, be sent to the markets of Countries of Middle Asia and Iraq. Mr. Amiri Zadeh added: the cultivation season from October to January and harvest season of February to may.

The forecast production of over a thousand tons of pomegranates in Hormozgan 2017/10/08 Haji Abad in the northern of the province and due to appropriate weather conditions is able to produce pomegranates Director Affairs of gardening of Agricultural Jihad organization said: the level of cultivation of pomegranate in Hormozgan, 190 hectares, and is forecast to be this level approximately 1 170 tons product be withdrawn. According to the information and public relations unit agriculture news-internal organization, Mr. Gorgij said: This year's production because of the pest no changed compared to the previous year. He said: hajjiabad is the most important region of pomegranate production in the province and in the villages of khooshn Abbad, Bainoj,Sirmand, Cami, and  Fareghan are produced. Mr. Gorgij added: the rubab, white skin and galosorkh of the most important varieties are cultivated in the province. He said: in addition to the supply of products produced in the province be sent to the Kerman and Fars markets. Mr. Gorgij added:" harvest season starts with the local figures at October and ends until December.

Development agricultural protecting are the most important goals of Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan 2017/10/07 The most important challenge in the mechanization of the lack of research in the agriculture sector as well as lack of students capabilities to absorb in agricultural Jihad organization.  The Head office of technology and mechanization of agricultural Jihad organization Said: agricultural protecting means the resources of the soil, water and other inputs, which is a vital resource conservation and sustainable development of the largest targets in recent years.   According to Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Mr. SHAHI Zadeh added: agricultural protection has three principles: reduce tillage, crop rotation and plant remains preserved. He added: the first action in the direction of tillage on soil protection, protection from moisture and soil organisms in the soil and increase nutrition and makes the soil organic matter and carbon.   He said: last year in 4 thousand and 440 hectares of agricultural land was cultivated as a crop protection product of the province. Mr. SHAHI Zadeh continued, about 200 acres of winter wheat last year directly and no tillage cultivation operations that this year the 400 acres to the cultivation of wheat in direct equation.   He said the promotion of the coefficient of mechanization of 8 to 35 percent from the year 93 to 95 and to supply the growing equipment including floor machine work, setting up the device for irrigation with 51-bar type and a slew of products at the level of 4 thousand and 200 acres as the most important achievement in the area of mechanized mechanization It has been.   The Head office of technology and mechanization of agricultural Jihad organization Said: wheat and canola products strategic priority are cultivated in the field of garden  also tools fits with the needs of farmers with the launch of the workshop during the various periods is introduced to them. Mr. SHAHI Zadeh said: HajiAbad County born in terms of the coefficient of mechanization of the superior position compared to other cities, and corn and potato products in this area to be cultivated mechanized.   He said: the level of mechanized cultivation of wheat in the province has reached 6,000 hectares cultivated and plays an important role in reducing the mechanized seed consumption, increasing the quality of irrigation and reduce waste in the harvest season. Mr. SHAHI Zadeh said: in the past year, wheat in level 4200 hectares, 1054 acres of canola, corn four thousand and 116 hectares and 255 hectares maize mechanized cultivation level. He said: this year is the mechanized cultivation of wheat as planned at the level of 6 thousand hectares. He said: this year is the 10 devices for the subsidies allocated to the province and that the province needs to complete the quota  be increased. Mr. SHAHI Zadeh added, Applicants can make use of the facility of 50 million rials and subsidies for the purchase of needed equipment such as, fertilize sprayers and combine devices. He said: until the end of the year 25 linear devices work can be purchased that consists of 1 thousand and 250 million rials subsidies and 300 million facility need.

Sweet lemon of Minab was enter the market 2017/10/07 Minab County due to having fertile land, prone to horticultural production in the province.   Agriculture Director of minab said: from eight hundred and sixteen acres of sweet lemon cultivation level in the minab 816 hectares and predictions more than 12 thousand and 240 tons of the product be withdrawn.   According to the Public relations, Agriculture Director of Minab, Mr. Muhammad salari said: with regard to Technical principles and timely nutrition of gardens and combat pests and diseases the production of this year, 10 percent increase compared to the year before.   He said:in the past year more than 11 thousand tons of the sweet lemon product harvested from the gardens of Minab.   He added: Products produced, in addition to supplying the needs of the province,can send to markets in Tehran, Fars, Isfahan and Khorasan.   Mr. salari, added: The sweet lemon harvested in this city from September to November.

The discovery of 181 Ross smuggling animal in Hormozgan 2017/10/04 Hormozgan due to having boundary water, individuals attempting to enter smuggling of livestock to the country,

The beginning of harvest Piarom dates in Hormozgan 2017/10/04 Hormozgan have first ranked in the production of the Piarom dates incountry. 

Special opportunity for farmers to cultivate canola and to benefit from subsidized credits in Minab 2017/10/03 The development of canola cultivation with the aim of supplying oil seeds requirements of country's can be done in the province Agriculture Director of Minab County, said: the facility per acre for canola cultivate to the amount of 30 million rials, and with the introduction of the Bank will be paid. Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Mr. salari added: one of the most economical of rapeseed cultivated purchase for guarantee by the Government from farmers. Mr. salari said: Financing to the amount of 30% for subsidized has priority and by Financing, Pay-related subsidies associated with the development of mechanized cultivation on the agenda.   The Director of Agriculture of Minab told applicants to use this design for more information refer to agriculture in the Agriculture centers.   He said: canola with a 45% oil percentage and the quality of this oil than other oil seeds has more quality and health.   Mr. salari said; the remaining canola after getting oil, suitable for animal feed. He added: the canola cultivation in the region start from October and harvest season from April to may.

The introduction of Tully goat breeds in the country Hormozgan 2017/10/03 Tully goat due to robust and adaptable in the face of harsh weather in the province of Hormozgan, was introduced as the superior goat. The Director of animal science agricultural research center of Hormozgan research said: in the Conference in the country's Animal Science Research Institute in Karaj province in the country, Tully lactating goats as the goat is the Premier of the province. According to the public Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan Mr. Askari said: Tully goat in coastal areas, especially in the East of the province of Hormozgan, there are compatibility and being resistant this animal with hard climatic conditions of its unique features. He said: 67 percent several twin, 58% Triplets,  138% twin, 48 percent 4 twin creation  of the  characteristics of Tully goat  of Hormozgan . Mr. Askari said: in terms of breast feeding goats daily between 700 to 800 gr produces milk, within 8 months 160 kg of milk during breastfeeding. He said: the development of Tully goat-breeding industry can supply addition meat and milk makes job creation. He said: in addition to the introduction of the Global Conference on the registration of goat goat breed, such as the introduction of topics of Hormozgan Tully is a native of the country to the world, modern livestock production issues in different regions of the world and of Iran, Iran and examine the world's goat-breeding and goat identification experts and activists in the country and the world are discussed and StarCraft. Mr. Askari added: animal husbandry industry development preparation of Hormozgan Province including Tully goat with the purpose of an economic boom.