The forecast production of 750 tons of garlic in the city Bashagard County 2017/10/03 Organic garlic production Bashagard County ranked first in the province.   Agricultural Manager of  Bashagard County said: this year is 120 hectares of agricultural land devoted to the cultivation of garlic product in this area will be projected from the surface of more than 750 tons of the product be withdrawn.   Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Mohammad Ahmadi added: due to the utilization of a new irrigation system, strengthening of food, culture and increase the level of use of the revised levels to predict this year's production will be 20 percent increase compared to the previous year. He added: the village of Ashkan, Goharan and Tidar are an important areas of production garlic in this region. Mr. Ahmadi said: organic garlic Bashagard County due to optimal quality (taste, smell and shelf life) and Being healthy have Global registration. He continued: Bandar Abbas, Minab, Jask, sirik, Rudan County and the South of city of Kerman,kahnuj, ghaleh ganj and manojan , including the most important sales market of garlic Bashagard County.   Mr. Ahmadi added: "marketing is one of the most important topics to sell garlic produced that this is the priority of the Bashagard County agricultural programs. He said: a scattering of villages in the mountains, lack of transportation, packing and processing, water scarcity, of the most important problems of agricultural Bashagard County. Mr. Ahmadi added: investment in Bashagardd mountain area due to distance are less done but this year with the introduction of the capacity of the agricultural sector to investors, the company's product packaging in the region are ready to invest. He added: "the cultivation of garlic beginning from the October to January and  harvest season of May until June are continues .

Payment facilities for employment creation in the agricultural sector of the Imam Khomeini Committee (RA) of Bastak 2017/10/03 With the memorandum of understanding between agriculture management and Imam Khomeini Committee of Bastak County, people covered by this institution can use the facility of job creation in agricultural sector. Agricultural Manager of Bastak County said: in the memorandum covered subjects with Committee of Imam Khomeini (RA), their children and the poor people are priority. Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan; Mr. khorshidi added: every applicant can receive up to 100 million toman facility, the amount of the facility depends on the plan.   He said: this facility for agricultural activities and animal husbandry and the profit of 4% and 5-year-old is refunded to the applicants. Mr .khorshidi added: those interested in receiving facility can refer to the agriculture of Bastak County

The situation of Women\'s hijab on the day of Ashura and after Ashura 2017/10/02   In the era of Ashura when the caravan to the Imam Hussein revolutionary guards invaded, while the marquee were in the fire and in such adverse conditions  women take care of their veil more than before.    expert of the Ideological education of the agricultural organization  said, if on the day of Ashura veil of women's head of the family of  Imam Hussein were removed in order to remove the veil of the same apparent cover or mask.   Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, ms. khademi The veil has been lifted off from woman were forcibly And Can not be used from this premise And  this is not reveal of neglecting Muslim  womenfrom the veil.   she said: In the story of Hazrat roghaye little girl of Imam Hussein (a.s.) has been quoted: when the tent was removed she cried and this show the observance of Imam Hussein (a.s.)  girls and  Women of  hijab .   She said some women with makeup and bad coverage in the event they attended, and some of these are subject to exploitation for the destruction of Islam's face I must say although the number is small but when these women in such spiritual atmosphere in the intellectual transformation in circumstances that caused your veil More  compliance in the future.   Ideological education of the agricultural organization said: The presence of Muslim women with full veil can be claimed  that Muslim women of  The culture of Imam Hussein and the courage from The Prophet Zeinab are Template and follow.   Ms.Khademi said : widespread culture of Ashura, in love of Imam Hossein   in the world is an undeniable reality.   Ms.Khademi said maintaining the veil in adverse conditions, prayer, the affair of reagents, endurance and patience of the most important lessons of the uprising in Karbala for the younger generation of the country.

The creation of special economic organisation of veterans and the families of the martyrs is essential 2017/10/02 According to the objectives of the economic resistance policy, create a special organisation for the families of the martyrs in the provinces is essential. Director of the trench-makers without the trench said: by appropriate planning for children and family of martyrs through creation of special economic organization in the different field of economic activity. Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Mr. khoda Karami added: one of the challenges of a wireless hotspot in a trench-makers without the trench is the lack of the proper connection with the new generation of the revolution. He said the creation of the popular organizations and inexperience is the main factors of the distance between first generation with the new generation, and in order to reduce this gap and transfer value of 8 year sacred defense to the young generation of the Statute reform plan on the agenda. Mr. khoda Karami added: by modifying the articles of Association of the Association of veterans and the families of the martyrs, children can join this Association. Director of the Agriculture Organization said: one of the topics that should be of interest to institutions and associations should be the qualitative and quantitative development regarding the applications to communicate with a new generation of the revolution. Mr heydari Pori said: if today Iran have political role in the world  is due to the equations of resistance veterans  and martyrs in the defense of the holy. He said :mr.Ali Dalvari Stand in front of an expensive English colonization and resistance of the Youth in defense of enemies of the West and the East was causing that today Iran in the world  and Middle East prompted political equations. He said: to transmit the values of sacred to youth have in the way of communicating with the younger generation appeal. The head of the field of art said: one of the Organization's mission of art collecting memories and writings of warriors and an expensive sacrifice. Mr .pishdar added: Unfortunately, due to financial problems, documenting the memories of warriors less in this province. He said one of the wishes of the people to the new Governor of Hormozgan  is promotion  the  cultural  budget of the Province Mr .pishdar added: " until the end of this year 10 book with the subject of  Holy defense to Edition. in this  Conference of a group of veterans and the families of the martyrs was appreciated

The use of camel meat is need of publicity and culture building 2017/09/25 There are 21 thousand camels that could supply the required meat of the province.

The destruction of more than 60 acres of citrus Rudan County by fire 2017/09/25 By fire in the villages kharaji and sarjoeyeh  in Rudan County more than 60 hectares of citrus and orchards  completely destroyed and  the 30-billion-Rial  was damage.

Storage of 400 tons of chicken for Muharram in Hormozgan 2017/09/24 Considering that in the month of Muharramm, mourning staff and people have more needs to basic, Storage is on the agenda. The Director supports of the livestock of the province said:       in direction of better services to citizens and staff of mourning in Muharram ever 400 tons of chicken and 170 tons meat  are storage. Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, mr.taqizadeh said: By planning the required items of citizens through chain stores are be supplied. He said: The staff of mourning and citizens can be with the introduction  of the relevant departments of chain stores prepare to required items. Mr. TAGHIZADE said: Consumer protection is part of supports of the livestock company duties and annual with the aim of setting the market 2 thousand and 800 tons of frozen chicken, and with the price of 5,000 and 800 tomans at the discretion of the chain stores. He added: " Despite planning no concern about supply of the meat and chicken in the province.

The banning of 11 tons smuggling wood in Hormozgan 2017/09/24 In the first six months of this year, 11 tons smuggling wood was discovered in the province. The Director of the natural resources and watershed management in Hormozgan, said: one of the main natural resources and watershed management program combat trafficking of goods such as wood, coal and herbs. According to the information and public relations unit agriculture news-internal organization, Mr.Zakeri added: "in 6 months – in addition to the discovery of wood-charcoal, thyme and Asafoetida were discovered. He said: part of trafficking goods during legal procedures to auction and other were captured.

Muharram is the best opportunity for content building in religion 2017/09/23 With significant mourning month of Muharram arrives by young people in the country have the same capacity vine starts that should be content. In the month of Muharram mourning for Hazrat Abu Abdullah Al-Hussein (a.s.) by young people are starts and this capacity must have content. The Head Office of conscience of agricultural Jihad organization said: young people has a role in defence of Islamic values and Muharram is the best opportunity for content building in religion. Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Hojjatoleslam Islam Ali Sharafi added: The leader emphasis on the use of virtual space in order to promote Islam and must be introduced the message of Ashura utilizes today's technology to the world. He said: one of the most important programs of agricultural Jihad organization of benefiting from highly qualified speakers to promote religion and deliver the message of mourning ceremony of Muharram. Hojjatoleslam Sharafi said: religious misgivings promotion by the media and should be with the introduction of real Islam to keep away of the misgivings from young people.

There is no concerns the supply of required meat during the months of Muharram 2017/09/23 According to Muharram Agriculture Organization regarding the supply of basic goods such as meat, proper planning is done. Assistant of improved livestock production of agricultural organization said with planning no worries to the supply of meat in particular need of citizens during the months of Muharram and Safar. Information and news reports the public relations unit Agriculture Organization of Hormozgan, Mr. poor torogh said: on the basis of statistics Hormozgan Province, has 1 million 300 thousand Ross goats and sheep 42 thousands of, cows and 21 thousand camel and meat production capacity is now more than 7100 tons Of the year. He said: in addition to meat production annual 25 Mt raw milk production and in various industries building in the province and 20 units collect raw milk with a capacity of 32 tons, 5 milk factory with a capacity of 390 tons per year and a unit cattel with capacity of 45 thousand head Light  and 135 thousand  heavy cattle . Mr. poor torogh added: now 20 units collect raw milk just 2 units and 6 units of dairy milk plant and materials 3 units which are active need the necessary support of this industry.